The Top Three Israeli Technology Companies

Israel_techIsrael has traditionally been a leader in developing new technologies through significant investments in science and research. Israeli technology companies rank among the best technology and communications companies of the world. One of the largest IT companies in Israel, Voltaire, was acquired by Mellanox in 2011. The following paragraphs discuss the top three IT companies in Israel at present.

First among the top three technology companies in Israel is One1. The company is a leader in the technology sector as it provides diverse computing services. The company has clients spread across multiple industries including telecommunications, banking, retail, and many more. One1 has international operations with offices located in several countries around the world. More than 2,500 employees offer world-class services throughout Israel and in international markets. The primary services of One1 are geared towards infrastructure hardware, software solutions and storage facilities. In addition, the company also provides ERP solutions to local as well as international clients. It also offers consulting services and outsourcing services. The company is also listed on the Israeli Stock Exchange and is one of the most popular companies for investors. It also represents many international brands in Israel.

Celltick is the largest mobile commerce company in the world. From mobile marketing to mobile apps, this innovative company has done it all. Established in 2000, Celltick was reported as the second best technology company in 2007 by Douche International in its Fast 500 list of companies. Celltick thrives on its extensive network of partners that spans industries and sectors. The company works with merchants, media companies, banks, and webmasters to provide the most exciting interactive mobile marketing experience to clients. The clients of Celltick number at around 140 million around the world. Celltick is highly regarded for its agility in brining out one disruptive innovation after another, something that more established companies have failed to emulate. The company has hundreds of employees in offices in more than 25 countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Runcom is one of the largest wireless communications developing companies in the world. It was established in 1997 when the founder Dr. Zion Hadad developed the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) technology. The technology revolutionized the way broadband services were used for wireless communications. Since its inception, the company has kept pace with developing technologies and is today empowered to develop systems for 4G communication networks. Runcom holds an incredibly vast range of products in its repertoire and continues to be an industry leader. Runcom has played a key role in developing several wireless communications protocols. Among the most prominent efforts of the company are its role in the development of digital interactive television technology, broadband wireless access and broadband mobile 4G technologies. Runcom provides solutions at every stage of the transmission chain by coordinating with system integrators, cellular service operators and internet service providers.
Israeli IT companies are usually at the forefront of developing cutting edge technologies and serve clients across the world. The success of Israeli IT companies in a challenging environment is a commendable feat and an inspiration for companies worldwide.